FT232RL Breakout Board

By analyzing my blog data concerning an older post of mine , i realized that the majority of hits i got were about the schematic and the board layout of the FT232RL testing circuit.Without further ado, you can find the whole project in GitHub as always.

The schematic of the circuit in eagle. A couple of notes: You can see i am trying to implement a printed coil between C2 and C3. Place the jumper (in JUMPER) to pins 1 and 2 if you want to operate in 5Volts. Place the jumper to pins 2 and 3 to operate in 3.3Volts.


The board layout of the PCB


GitHub Link for the project : https://github.com/mitselec/FT232RL-Breakout-board

Note about the parts

As eagle’s ordering service does not work in Greece, the parts used are:

  • SMD Mini-usb plug , type B
  • 0805 ceramic capacitors
  • FT232RL SSOP28 chip

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