A simple library for Morse code in Arduino

Click HERE to download the project from GitHub.Also bear in mind that this is still a work in progress and there are plans to update this library.

Have you ever tried to make your arduino speak Morse to you?Ugh,no,not really? Well,for all those interested, grab your arduinos and 8 ohm speakers and let’s go!

This is a small project of mine which is easy, fun and educational. I have made an arduino library that includes a function called “morse_beep()” in which every letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9 are mapped to the corresponding Morse code. This function utilizes the “tone()” function that is provided by arduino.


The result is then played by an 8 ohm speaker connected to our board. By connecting the speaker with pin 8 and ground, we should have something like this

Arduino-Morse-FritzLet us try to experiment with the sample program that is provided and send a phrase to get it translated

helloworld_mThe result is

Confirming the data!It works!


Morse code table is from this site


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